This is the official portal for registration for COVID-19 Vaccination program headed by the Ministry of Health.

Need not register again if already registered before. You can update your current information for the second dose by viewing your previous registration details.

The process of Vaccination is as follows;


  • - Self registration by individuals can be done on the portal
  • - Registration for family members and friends can be done by individuals but kindly use their mobile numbers to receive the OTP. Notifications for vaccination dates and related would be sent to the registered number.
  • - For individuals who cannot register themselves in rural Bhutan, officials would be getting in touch

We encourage everyone to register and assist in registering individuals who needs assistance. Having as much data would assist MoH in making the best use of available vaccine and also assist in a smooth vaccination experience for yourself.

2. Planning

  • - Upon Completion of registration, MoH will plan the vaccination centers according to registration data

3. Scheduling

  • - Registered individuals will be informed of their Vaccination Center and date through SMS to the registered number
  • - For the second dose, the same information will be shared via SMS

4. Monitoring

  • - Toll free number will be shared to report any symptoms after vaccination for surveillance

Kindly note that choice of Vaccine will not be provided.

What you can do?

  • Register for yourself
  • Register for family members and friends
  • Note: Use their own mobile number while registering so that they receive the notification in their number

Checklist for documents preparation prior to start registration process

  • Valid phone number
  • Present address
  • List of allergies - if any


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